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Jools Hamilton is a Methodist minister, currently working as Student Chaplain to Trinity college Dublin.

He loves God, life, his work, the Irish rugby team, fine dining with great friends, and a great nights craic – in the totally Irish sense.

He can cook a mean peppered chicken, he rides bikes, he loves music, and he has been known to cry at stunning shows, moving movies and bad–ass books.

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The Coronadiaries 3
Monday 12th October 2020 @ 8:30 pm

I do love silence

I do love space

I do love the embers of divine life

that only get a chance to be seen when everything else is dulled


Quietness is my friend

Solitude has become a cherished companion over the years

Pausing is cherishing,

and seeking from the inside has brought more joy than searching around the outside ever has.


Strange though.

They would never have thought it of me

as a teenager

or a twenty–something.

Some would still find these words hard to believe.


But it is truth for me.



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