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Jools Hamilton is a Methodist minister, currently working as Student Chaplain to Trinity college Dublin.

He loves God, life, his work, the Irish rugby team, fine dining with great friends, and a great nights craic – in the totally Irish sense.

He can cook a mean peppered chicken, he rides bikes, he loves music, and he has been known to cry at stunning shows, moving movies and bad–ass books.

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feelings – Nancy Klien
Thursday 6th May 2021 @ 9:35 am

 I am currently undertaking a Coaching course, which is being wonderful. One great tick for me, is learning the writings of Nancy Klien – here is a snippet of her thoughts on feelings. I find it exhilarating and challenging. 


“One seriously flawed piece of handed–down ‘wisdom’ is the idea that when you start to cry you are out of control, falling apart, sick, going over the edge (whatever that is) and should do just about anything to ‘pull yourself together’. 

Also outrageous is the list of things we are encouraged to do to ‘pull ourselves together’. We are sent ...

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