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Jools Hamilton is a Methodist minister, currently working as Student Chaplain to Trinity college Dublin.

He loves God, life, his work, the Irish rugby team, fine dining with great friends, and a great nights craic – in the totally Irish sense.

He can cook a mean peppered chicken, he rides bikes, he loves music, and he has been known to cry at stunning shows, moving movies and bad–ass books.

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Shaming another
Wednesday 22nd January 2020 @ 9:57 am

The following true story comes from former Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, and it truly frightens me. Primarily,  it invites me to ask myself of the many times that I may have inadvertently ostracised, removed, or distanced a human being from the embrace of Divine Life during worship, due to my understanding of correct order, disciple and/or control.

Shame inflicted upon someone else, is actually shame on me.



Sacks recalls going on an early Jewish–Christian dialogue meeting in Switzerland where African Christian Bishops wanted to talk the Tanakh with Rabbis. They had a great time. But one episode in ...

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