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Ibiza - final reflections
Wednesday 20th July 2011 @ 12:03 pm

 I’m home now

But a bit of me has stayed there.

Not the usual sock or toothbrush that usually gets left because of my ineptness

But a piece of my heart.


Sounds trite?

Yes – I know.

But true none the less.



Because of real kindness.

Real joy.

Real hope.

Real help for people who could not help themselves.


I got to be with people who were the literal hands and feet of Christ.



being kind

being good.

I got to be the hands and feet of God!


And goodness chipped away at the darkness every night.


The angry drunk from Derry who tried to fight the team

But wouldn’t have found her sister,

or her father,

had God not been there.


The questions from fellas reading Dawkins.

And the delusion of the delusion

being slowly pulled away,

as God whispered, ‘but that’s not what I’m like!’

This is me.






The smiles and the waves.

“Hello 24-7, we love you!”

“Thank you for taking me home in a wheelchair last night.”

“You helped my friend last week.”

“You helped our mate last year.”

“We love you.”

‘Cool – thanks – and you know who we are and why we do it?


Let me explain …’


The warmth of the island, and the warmth of the people.

The sunset at café Mambo.

The freshness of the clear water.

The biting sting of the jellyfish.


The rhythm.


Constant beats – constant movement – constant hum of life.


Yes a bit of me has stayed there.


My only hope is that I manage to bring more of ‘God in Ibiza’ back,

than the fragments of me left there.


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Sounds like you had a great time, what hits me most is that it seems to have been an experience of \'genuine\' christianity, not superficial and acting like they should, but people who are what they say they believe. I\'m sure it was roasting and now you\'re back to autumn here Lol (it is in the North).

Name: Joanne
Added: Wednesday 20th July 2011 @ 6:32 pm