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Remembering Our future
Tuesday 26th July 2011 @ 11:37 am

 In their 2007 book 'Remembering our Future,' Andrew Walker and Luke Bretherton argue for what they call 'Deep Church' ... it is a call to ecclessiological freshness and renewal. They get the term deep church from CS Lewis. Here is a paragraph helping explain what they mean by deep church ... it's worth reading a few times and reflecting on ...


“Whether we use the language of deification, transfiguration, holiness or perfectionism to describe our spiritual conformity to the risen Christ, we need to think of ourselves less in autonomous and individualistic terms, and more as interrelated members of deep church, we are not more like Jesus when we ‘come to the garden’ and meet him alone. If we follow Pauline theology in the NT we will find that the stress is not on the individual qua individual but on the interconnectedness and collegial nature of the worshipping community. Deep church is above all, an organic unity of new persons related one to another in Christ.




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Interesting, although I guess there needs to be a nurturing of the personal relationship between believer and God at an individual level before there can be a true unity in Christ in a wider community.

Name: Joanne
Added: Wednesday 27th July 2011 @ 5:02 pm