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Lockdown 4
Wednesday 15th April 2020 @ 9:07 pm

 Not exactly a blog.A confession.And I hope a healthy one that might have some people say ‘yeah, me too.’The older I get, and the more reflective I become, the more I realize, I don’t like endings.

I do not try to deliberately avoid them. I do not minimize them when called upon to be in a place of leadership at a time of significant ending. The beliefs that

a. change is the only unchangeable element in life, and 

b. every ending is also a new beginning

have led me to embrace realities of constant spirals of endings and beginnings.


But still.


Still, I have not eaten the last Lindt chocolate bunny from Easter Day.

Still, it took me a long time to watch the last series of Madam Secretary.

Still, I held on for months to find the right time to listen to the last episode of The West Wing Weekly podcast, because I knew when I had finished listening, that was it. It was over. Gone.

I am quite sure that the right psychotherapist would have a field day with intelligently placed questions about my childhood.Freud would, I imagine, just invite me to …

Well …

No need to write what I think, it’s more fun for you to fill the blank yourself.


This time in world history is an ending. 

Or, it has a chance to be. 

I hope. Ironic, I know.


I really do hope that these weeks and months bring an end to the too often too selfish means of late modernity.

The too often too narcissistic actions of world leaders who have bought their positions.

he too often too greedy financial practices of those who own, abusing those who do not.

And the too often too simplistic approaches of people of faith who claim their very own ‘Ourselves Alone’ in every circumstance.


We are better together.


Full stop.


That, sounds like a chance for some doors of opportunity to creak open in the midst of some painful endings.

I might not like endings, for whatever deep reflective trauma they caress, but I’d love this to be one. I’d love these days to be an end to the way things were …


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