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Lockdown Holy Week 2
Wednesday 8th April 2020 @ 12:15 pm

 I’m loathing that people are dying

I’m loving that some find new life

I’m loathing the sniping and griping

I’m loving that rainbows are rife


I’m loathing I can’t see my best friends

I’m loving the chats on the phone

I’m loathing the savior syndromes evolving

I’m loving I can smile at their ego


I’m loathing that families are having

to change their grieving habits

I’m loving that this has been forced on them

yet they find themselves brave and at rest


I’m loathing the rupture

and breakdown and chaos

I’m loving the bad theology

that follows every crisis


It invites me to smile,




and ask

what I really think


And what I really think


is this


Loathing and loving will never be distanced

‘To love is to have your heart wrung’

We live in the tension of best and the worst

We hold opposing ends as we must


And smile

and cry

and wonder

why me 

Why us

When will this time pass?


And yet there’s a spark,

to action and flourish

To creating and stirring

a new world awake

From the twist of these times

New hopes are dawning

Of fairness

and healing

and peace


If Ockham was right

It might be as simple

As what matters can be you and I

Break it all down

Let anxieties go

Drop your shoulders,

smile and let sigh


Find hope in care for your neighbours

give as much as you can

Notice the earth,

how clean it can seem

When we stop our stirring and breathe


We’re all in this together

There is no easy escape

So hold it all

Maybe even enthrall


with wonder 

as all is reshaped


The sadness

The courage

The loss

Life made new

May these days inspire

some brave new habits

For them

for me


and for you


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