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Spot the gaps …
Wednesday 26th April 2017 @ 2:07 pm

These few thoughts may take a few mins to read – and they are incomplete and mis(un)–understandable without any explanation given to each stanza … but I’m interested in what ye think. Wild and wide gaps? Nothing new here … in fact if you can spot a particular philosophical/theological stream do say …



1.    Humans are relational creatures.


2.    The most satisfying and important relationships are those where we are held and we hold (we are trusted and we trust). 


3.    Conversely, these relationships are often the most difficult relationships  – they take work, weaving, cultivating and care.


4.    When we accept our relationships as life–giving and fulfilling, we acknowledge the importance of relational living in all aspects of life.


5.    Consequently, we can see that relationships in all of life take work and weaving and cultivation and care.


6.    The most base level relationship for fullness and wholeness is our relationship with ourselves


7.    To have a successful relationship with oneself means to know oneself as accepted, and accepting.


8.    The ultimate acceptance (and therefore the ultimate work, weaving, cultivating and care) we can experience is an acceptance of ‘the other’ – that which is outside of self, or unwelcome within the self.


9.    The Divine Self, is the ultimate other.


10.Ultimate acceptance of the other, is therefore an experience of transcendence – of being outside of ‘self.’ Connected to something other than.


11.Healthy and whole relationships in life and the world, are therefore an experience of embrace with the other. In the many forms other–ness takes.


12.Striving toward these relationships, takes work and weaving and cultivation and care.


13. Ultimately, our embrace of those outside of self, defines and reforms our own very self–hood. 



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