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All Hallowed be …
Monday 31st October 2016 @ 11:14 am

On this ‘all hallows’ day … which in my faith tradition, it is a reminder of those who have gone before … ‘All Saints Day’ … it is a nice moment to remember that we are not alone.

(Of course, the Christian history of All Saints, is part of the early church ‘brilliance’ in tying together existing festivals and rituals, alongside it’s own encompassing narratives … i.e., in early Celtic, and other ancient, festivals the end of the harvest and the coming of the winter, was marked by a time when the veil between this world and the next was remarkably thin – thin enough to allow the spirits from another realm to roam this realm).


But I digress,

because the message of All Hallows,

surely points to one of the most seditious ironies we live under.


It is impossible to be truly unique,

outside community.


Uniqueness is a quality that the death–throws of this Modern world values above & beyond anything else.

Your unique selling point, is not just a material, commercial venture;

it seeps into who you are as a human being.

Commercial credibility does not just come on a shelf,

it comes through you.

Your uniqueness sells.

Your uniqueness promises infallibility.

Your uniqueness leads to you to gain & garner all it means to be

the fabulous you that you are.

You, become the you, behind whatever it is you want to sell /share / evangelise.

Your product.

Your life

Your faith

Your country.


I love uniqueness.

I value it and hold it as a beautiful expression of humanness.

When it is embraced and enhanced,

at its very best,

it cultivates generosity and creativity,

it banishes boundaries of fear and it generates confidence.


And yet.

At its worst,

it is rude, self–aggrandizing and pompous.

It places a supreme sense of self –

superior to all siblings –

in a detached centre of indulgence and ego. 

An unrealistic sense of self,

can lead to a belief

that you really are the centre of your own universe.


That is why we need others.

We need others, to be fully ourselves .

And we need to be fully ourselves,

with others.

Because only with others, can I know my true self.

I am created, sustained, accepted and developed,

by the others around me,

I truly am part of them.

And they me.


My faith tradition calls it a creation ordinance.

Which is an extravagant way to say,

There is no you,

without me.


Humanity, begets humanity.

My identity

and purpose

and dignity   

is inextricably linked to yours.


I am unique. Uniquely and wonderfully made.

And so are you.


Only together, does our uniqueness shine.


All the Saints who have gone before,

all the Saints who will come after,

they all lay claim to the same truth.

There is no me,

without you.

Without them.

Without us.


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