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A Pentecost Poem/Prayer
Sunday 15th May 2016 @ 9:53 am

Written on retreat recently, in the beautiful space of Dollymount Strand.



When what I thought was lost
Was really found
And the sun sheds warmth
Into a story of storms and theophanies,
I open my eyes
And see three things.

Two hundred people
Or more
Crammed into a metal cylinder
Hurtling toward New York at 500mph
And I can see them
Their trail leaves a sign.

And below them
A brilliant bird
Small, nimble, floating in one place
Allowing the wind to keep it steady
And suddenly
As I watch
It pulls in its wings
And dips
And dives.
Incredible mastery of self
And of the wind.
It falls 6ft,
and opens its wings
and steadies itself again
The mastery is glorious.
Holding its wings, open to float closed to dive
Open and float
Close and dive.
It majestically repeats
Until it lands.
Safe and successful

And then I see the kite.
Large and captivating
With a human using all strength to keep control.
Tethered between the kite
And a surf board
The human takes his chances
And invites the wind to do what the wind does.
Move him.
And rise he does
Mustering his strength
And poise
Using all of him
To join in what the wind has to offer.

Let it be with me Lord
Let it be with us
at Pentecost
Let us, let me,
relive afresh
what your wind has to offer

Help me fly.
To hurtle toward liberty and transformation
To sweep and swoop
Held by your wind
Holding to the gusts of your life
Kept alive by your breath.
Spirit of God.
Wind of God.
Breath of God.



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