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Tuesday 2nd October 2007 @ 5:51 pm / Bible

I am currently in the middle of trying to wrap up the dissertation for my MDIV degree ... every so often in the middle of academic effort, you come across a quote which really inspires andchallenges - I'll try and post a few of them over the next few weeks.


Bonhoeffer wrote the following ... it is a reminder to those who like to inform the rest of us what the bible on every issue in every time ... a bit of humility is required in terms of revelation is what I say - as you would expect Deitrich Bonhoeffer says it better ...


“Either I determine the place where I will find God, or I allow God to determine the place where he will be found. If it is I who says where God will be, I will always find there a God who in some way corresponds to me, is agreeable to me, fits in with my nature. But if it is God who says where he will be, then that will truly be a place which at first is not agreeable to me at all, which does not fit so well with me. That place is the cross of Christ. And whoever will find God there must draw near to the cross in the manner in which the sermon on the mount requires. This does not correspond to our nature at all.”


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