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Well done and Thank you Ma’am
Sunday 6th February 2022 @ 8:45 am

All this year I am sharing something every day for which I am truly thankful. I will not usually write it in this blog, but today it seems appropriate.



Today I am hugely thankful to have lived my whole life during the reign of the longest serving British monarch. 

The incredible Elizabeth.As a young woman, she informed her people that her life would be one of Service, dedicated to them. 

She meant it. 

She has been a stalwart of dedication. 


While her life is arguably also the most privileged of any human being on the planet, in other ways her life is defined by entrapment to tradition and the expectation of people. 

She has held sway, and kept the royal family engaged, in the midst of an Age where authority tradition and hereditary respect have passed to the annals of history.


I am not a huge fan of royalty per se, but I cannot speak highly enough of this amazing Monarch. 


I have been invited to meet her twice. 

Once I was out of the country. The other I got screwed over by jealous colleagues. My acquiescence to them at time will always be one of the few things in life I regret.

She has reigned long over us, well done and thank you.

Queen Elizabeth


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