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A New Year
Friday 31st December 2021 @ 4:28 pm

I like to pontificate. 

Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes not.

Today is a strange day, I have a lot to say, but am happy not to say it.

I am much happier to point you toward words that were graciously pointed toward me.

So I invite you to take five mins, take ten if you can.

In a few hours 2021 will be gone forever. We will never be here again. 

All it has held will be consigned to everything we have come through. 

So I offer you words from poet May Sarton, with the hope, and joy, that we will this time next year be celebrating what will one day be consigned to the things we have come through in ‘22.


Shalom, Salaam, Siocháin Leat 

Peace to you.




“The earth feels old tonight 

And we who live and stand on the cold rim Face a new year. 

It is raining everywhere 

As if the rain were mercy, 

As if the rain were peace, 

Peace falling on our hair. 

Open your hearts tonight, let them burn! 

Let them light a way in the dark. 

Let them one by one affirm there is hope for a staff: 

I say it will flower in our hands, 

We shall go garlanded. 

There is the fine fresh stuff of faith for a coat: 

We shall go warm. 

We shall go on by the light of our hearts. 

We shall burn mightily in the new year. 

We shall go on together. 

O you who stand alone on the rim of the earth and are cold, I salute you here!” 


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