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A word of wisdom from a friend
Thursday 1st July 2021 @ 2:39 pm

Here is the text from the recent “Word in Edgeways” for RTE radio that I was once again privileged to share. In case you missed it, you can Listen to it here, or the text is below! With honest thanks to James, who gave me permission to share his words!




Good morning Michael – it’s wonderful to be with you and your listeners again this morning.

Every so often, I read something on–line that warms my heart and stirs my soul. Sometimes it’s a paragraph from one of my favourite theologians, or a great thinker, and I am struck by how brilliant they are, and I think “Wow, why can’t I think like that – they are so amazing!”

More interesting to me however, and maybe to you and your listeners, are the things I come across that are written by friends, who are not famous, not rich, not powerful in a political sense, but they write profoundly moving, honest, wise things and put them into the world. Let this morning share one of those moments … these words came from a young man in his early twenties of whom I am a friend of the family. He has in the past, had his fair share if struggles … and I think has faced his struggles magnificently … here is some of his wisdom, as shared with his friends on Facebook just a couple of months ago:

“After a month–long hiatus from … social media, I have realised several things,

what needs discussed the most is this:

These platforms are ego–fuel, where I … go to get validation & approval from you …

when in reality they rarely contribute to my mental, emotional & spiritual growth if at all!

I, personally, have used these platforms to project false versions of myself that do not represent my true self. even this post represents a false version of me as I want to appear more wise, intelligent & enlightened than I really am.

sure look at me seeking what I’ve condemned…So here is the truth: I’m James. I am always concerned about what society thinks of me & have allowed this to control my thoughts & behaviour for the last 10 years, for better & worse. guilt & shame from the past haunt me, even though nothing I have said or done has been unforgivable. I like to be seen as ‘good’ when in truth my mind heart & soul are not always filled with ‘good’. I can talk as much as I want on this when in reality I can’t hold a 2 min conversation without wanting to run & hibernate, I deeply desire for this to be the other way around! & at the end of the day, I just want to be loved & understood

Stop the ‘you’ that you want them to see, & be the you that YOU ARE


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