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Connected –Word in Edgeways June
Wednesday 2nd June 2021 @ 8:56 pm

The reflection shared on RTE Radio 1 early this morning … you can listen back here … or you can read below :–)

Peace indeed.



Can I tell you – the American entrepreneur and author Seth Godin has written, “I learned that a long walk and calm conversation are an incredible combination if you want to build a bridge.” I put this quote on my Facebook page recently, and really soon after it had gone up, a close friend added, “Throw in a coffee and the bridge is built!”

Y’know, you can almost feel that in the air these days.

The need and desire for positive human connection is arising everywhere.








Giving space and security for the sustenance and strengthening of social transformation are the things of walks and talks, teas and coffees, work and play.


When I wrote these thoughts, my eight–year old step–daughter was hanging around offering me advice on everything from school bullying to ice–cream to bottle openers. I gently advised her that if I can get this writing finished, then we could go to the park quicker. Three times she said, ‘Oh OK, anyways, I should go and you can get that done and I can go to the park.”

And she didn’t leave.

This brief piece of writing might have been finished an age ago.

But there she was.

Building relationship.

Creating connection.

Telling stories.

Sharing thoughts.

Generating experiences that foster understanding.

Oh, and she also added words to the list of positive traits for human connection.


I had my words. She added friendship, then laughter. then kindness.

She added value with her connection.


Building bridges, in whatever sense they are required, whether it be families, communities, social connections, the workplace or the nation, building bridges is perhaps the most important thing we can do, as we continue to stumble forward from the epoch–changing years we happen to inhabit.


As you journey through this new day. I have no idea what will be facing. Some of you listening will be traveling a light and joy–filled path, some of you might be awake early because this is the best sort of red–letter day, some of you might be awake early because you have not slept for this might be the worst sort of red–letter day for you.


Whatever this day holds, we are created to be people of connection. The human condition as divinely created is always going know that We are Better Together.


Here’s to staying connected today, as we all journey forward, together.


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