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Happy New Year
Thursday 31st December 2020 @ 2:37 pm


Let me take a moment 

and offer a thought or two.

It’s really is for me, 

but I’ll pretend it’s for you.


It will not be a poem, 

but you might call it such

but then like 2020, 

it will have to re–determine

the framework

through which you view,



Personal reflection and honest pause 

can be best disguised

as an offering to community, 

whereas what’s really happening

is I’m trying to find

some way through

not to you

but to me.

To meaning and purpose 

and dignity.


It’s been quite a year

The best and the worst?

No–one’s quite sure.

I’ve read words from people, 

quite down in the dumps

stressed out and deflated

quite rightly bejaggered

by deep personal loss. 


Loss they’ll not get through.


Such loss never should

be a thing to walk out of or finally get over.

It’s a new way of life that beckons a walk

that’s not like before.


And as for me 

and my family?

We travelled every angle

from deep loss

to joy.

A dear father departed,

a beautiful wife saying yes.

There is no way to diminish 

the impact of both 

they both define life

and deep loss

and deep love.


Such is the key of the shape that’s to come

it will not be as–before.

We have not been undone,

in order to go backward

and live the same.

The unthoughtful humdrum

of corporate greed

and sellers delight

where social media makes you the fight

and all seems alright

as long as you’re buying and getting and buying and getting and buying and getting and getting and getting …


This year has pointed just beyond ourselves.


The words I’m reading from folks round the world

are fascinating and hopeful 

and frightfully full

of a different angle being brought into view.

I’m reading of time

and how it’s been spent

of care and attention to neighbours who went

with time and resource, 

giving all they could 

for each other, 

and every other.


The world took a breath

and changed it’s behaviour

and if not quite a moment to savour

it has been a time of transition

to possible new flavours.


So may greed feck away off

and love lead the way.

May my promised future 

only work hand in hand with yours, 

where all our hopes live together 

without further 

trampling over mother earth, 

God Bless her.

May common life and worldly good

dictate our senses in all that it should,

and may peace and joy

not only be yours

may they be mine.

and all humankind.

In other words, look around qs you walk 

afresh  to another beginning,

holding all that has been

and hopeful for what will be 

peace and joy to you

and also to me,

And to her, and to him, and to them, and to her, 

and him, 

and them, and her, 

and her,

and him, 

and them …


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