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Happy Brexit Day. Again.
Thursday 31st October 2019 @ 9:52 am

 Happy #Brexit day y’all.


“No ifs, no buts” ? Really Boris?


Seems things are more complex than first considered!


Let’s see if we can have conversations and actions that walk us toward living well together, and which promote peaceful solidarity with those who experience life differently from us. 

We are better together, and those of us who claim to hold faith in a God of sacrificial love should be doing all we can, and more, to have the attributes of following that God bleed into the every day. 

Normal social etiquette in these days / weeks / months / years has become toxic. The binary nature of Us & Them will become even more pronounced during the coming election campaign, and voices of reason and sense will be be mocked, cajoled, and pushed aside because bullying (through manipulation, diminishing, shouting and one–up–manship)  has become the defacto mode of operation in political social interaction.

Conversation – especially political conversation – needs to be brought back from the edge of an abyss. Without leaders who choose to be reasonable in their public interactions, common political rhetoric becomes a straightforward blame game. 

Those seeking votes will tell you, behind closed doors, that they are beholden to their tribe. Yet, the tribe is fuelled and fostered by these public personas. It’s a vicious vacuous cycle that can eat gentle souls for breakfast.

Do not let this system win

Have your say




And, listen to others having their say. You don’t have to agree with what they say, and you can make it clear that you don’t agree, with confidence and respect. And you can also make it clear that difference of opinion does not mean difference of treatment. 

You can choose to treat everyone with the dignity that comes from simply being human.


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